Landscape Design

One of the most satisfying aspects of our job is to take an area that is unsightly or overgrown and transform it into a showpiece of the property.  Through removal of invasives with a brushcutter, rototilling the roots out and bringing in quality compost, we then have a blank slate upon which to create.  Some of the concepts we like to employ include season long blooms and winter interest.  The right mix of plants can provide you with color from spring flowring bulbs all the way through late fall flowering Montock Daisies.  Once the leaves and flowers have faded, your landscape can still provide viewing pleasure with the use of evergreen shrubs, accent rocks, ornamental grasses, and plants with interesting branches such as red-twig dogwood.  

Not every property is the right fit for a modern paver patio or walkway.  Using materials such as peastone, natural garden stepping stones, and fieldstone edging can spruce up the property while being style appropriate.  When we design we come in with an open mind, listen to your ideas, and develop a plan that suits your wishes and needs.


There is an old adage of "right plant, right place".  This holds true to this day.  Sun loving plants will not bloom in the shade.  There are certain areas where trying to plant turgrass is fighting a losing battle.  Our years of experience provide you with the right plant for the particular environment that you are trying to landscape. 

Each one of our plants is planted to the proper depth and amended with an appropriate soil amendment.  This ensures the plant has the proper nutrition to get itself established.  An organic fertilizer or compost topdress around the base keeps the plant thriving once it has taken root.


Whether it is a patio, walkway, or wall, the most important part of any stone project is a proper foundation.  The soil must be excavated to a certain depth and replaced with a properly draining aggregate base.  This helps prevent the buckling and collapse due to the freezing and thawing cycles of New England.  With a ground project, the gaps between the stones are filled with a polymer sand that stops weed growth while providing extra stability.  A wall is backfilled with drainage stone that has weed fabric laid behind it to prevent soil from contaminating the finished area.  Taking the time to properly construct a foundation is the key to a project that will last for decades.

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